Pay As You Go

No credit card required
$ 0 No monthly fees
  • Use Custom Domain (+ SSL)
  • Sell Your Services + Addons
  • Integrate With Stripe


Best value
$ 99 per year
  • Everything in Pay As You Go
  • No Branding
  • Integrate With PayPal

A $1.25 per transaction fee applies for orders in the Pay As You Go plan + Stripe fees. There are no transaction fees for users in the Pro plan other than the Stripe / PayPal gateway fees.

Pro Plan price is in USD. Transaction fees are collected in the currency of your transaction.

A legally required 13% HST (on the fee we collect) is collected for Canadian users only. This means that transaction fees are $1.41 ($1.25 + 13%), and for the Pro Plan it is $111.87 ($99 + 13%).

Frequently Asked Questions

Does your transaction fee take a percentage of my revenue?

No. Workorder is priced so that our fees don’t increase when you make more. It’s a flat rate fee so that you get to keep more of what you earn.

Stripe and PayPal will continue to take their fees, however.

Can I upgrade at any time?

Yes, you can upgrade (and downgrade) at any time. The annual plan, however, is prepaid. If you downgrade your Pro Plan before the expiration, your account will remain at the Pro Plan until it expires.

Do you offer a trial?

We don’t offer a trial. Our Pay As You Go plan works better than a trial as it’s a fully functioning subset of features of Workorder and has no time limit.

Did we mention that you can use your custom domain with Workorder without any monthly fees?

What is your refund policy?

All purchases of our Pro Plan is final. We will send out a reminder to your email address about 1 week before it is renewed.

How do you collect the transaction fees?

Transaction fees are collected automatically by Stripe on Workorder’s behalf. For users using the Pay As You Go plan, you won’t need a credit card number to use Workorder.