Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Workorder cost?

Setting up your Workorder site is free that’s part of our Pay As You Go plan. We have a Pro plan that includes some features that aren’t found in the Pay As You Go plan.

For the Pay As You Go plan, each successful transaction costs $1.25 in the currency of your transaction. There are no transaction fees for the Pro Plan. Payment gateway fees from Stripe and PayPal are extra for both plans.

Does Workorder send invoices?

No, all invoices and receipts are continued to be handled by your payment processor (Stripe or PayPal).

Can I use my own domain?

Yes, you can use your own domain on both the Pay As You Go and the Pro plan. This feature is offered for free for all users to help you establish a more professional look on your ordering page.

How much is the Pro Plan?

The Pro Plan costs only $99 USD per year. There is no monthly plan.

Why don't you offer a monthly Pro Plan?

We want to offer a service that’s reasonably priced for freelancers and consultants, which is why the Pay As You Go plan should suffice for most users.

For higher volume users, the Pro Plan’s pricing offers tremendous value compared to other services that charge a percentage of the revenue.

The annual pricing helps us with lower transaction fees and administrative overhead.

Is my data safe?

All data is transmitted with SSL encryption enabled. Sensitive information is encrypted at rest.

No usable credit card information is stored with us. (Stripe handles the tokenization of credit card numbers.)

For PayPal transactions, Workorder uses PayPal’s own authorization mechanisms.

What's the difference between the Pay As You Go and the Pro Plan?

The Pro Plan has the following:

  • Removal of Workorder branding
  • Use of PayPal
  • Priority email support

Can I sell physical goods on Workorder?

Yes, but there are certain features that aren’t supported, such as requesting a shipping address from the customer.

Workorder is purpose built for businesses that offer services.

How do I make feature requests?

We welcome feedback about our software. Please reach out to us via Twitter or in our Facebook Group.

Keep in mind that our goal is to create a simple to use (ie. uncluttered) piece of software that caters to as many freelancers as possible and not to create a piece of software that best serves a few customers.

Which payment gateway does Workorder support?

Workorder supports Stripe and PayPal. Note that PayPal is supported in the Pro Plan.

Can I use PayPal without Stripe?

Yes, you can use PayPal alone, Stripe alone, or both.