Why You Should Productize Your Services

You’re offering a bespoke and unique service.

You’re a craftsperson, and you pay attention to all the details that matter.

So why does service productization matter?

Because your customers want a choice.

Imagine you’re the client, and you’re shopping around for your options. Sure, you want someone who’s skilled and who can do the job perfectly the first time.

But at the same time, you’re taking a risk when you hire someone. You want to know what you’re getting and approximately what budget you’re going to have to spend to get it.

What is Service Productization?

Say you’re an artist. You sell portraits where your clients sit in front of you for hours while you paint portrait of them.

You have different packages based on the size of the portraits.

Instead of having to explain to each new customer that different portraits have different sizes, you can explain it easily if you can simply hand them a menu of options.

Your customers can still come back with questions — sure. But it will be obvious to them on first look how the pricing works.

Productization makes it clear what services you offer.

Productization removes uncertainty

When you create a productized service, you’re standardizing your offerings. In no way are you taking away the custom aspect of it. In fact, you’re able to better describe your offerings because things are well defined.

Customers want to know what to expect when they buy something. There’s nothing more uncertain when purchasing a service because innately, every service provider is different.

Productization makes it easier to buy from you

When your offering is clear and up front, customers can decide if you’re the right person for the job.

Hiding behind a “Contact Me” form makes it hard for customers to decide, and, in fact, makes it more likely the customers will leave and never come back.

You can productize only a subset of your services

Super custom work can still happen, but not everything requires a level of custom quotes and such.

There are many simpler service offerings that don’t require that “custom quote” process and where the purchase can simply happen. These are perfect candidates for productizations because it removes all the back and forth emailing that should only be reserved for larger contracts.

Think about productization next time

Productization isn’t commoditization. It’s a better way to market your offerings and to ensure clients who come through have a clear idea of what they want. Consider it as you expand your services — whether you’re a freelancer or a consultant.

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Hey YOU!

Do you sell services online?

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